The NPS will generally follow the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Process when it responds to things like the wolf issues of Isle Royale. NEPA became law in 1970, requiring agencies of the federal government to undertake a significant environmental review process and embrace public involvement for any proposal that may affect the environment.

Your involvement can begin by adding your name to their mailing list. NPS will provide some communication to the public as it makes headway in the process. If you wish to receive that communication, send an email to isro_wildlife[at] If you would like to look into more details of the NEPA process, continue reading below.

Continued NEPA Understanding

Although there are links to several important documents listed below, there are two that stand out as keys to understanding the NEPA Process (start with just the first 10-20 pages of each). These two documents are:

“DO-12 Handbook and Director's Order”
This is “agency specific” from the NPS Director, telling NPS personnel how to use the NEPA Process. In this document:

  1. “You” refers to NPS personnel implementing NEPA.
  2. Content is specific to NPS and has the “force of law”.

“A Citizen’s Guide to the NEPA - Having Your Voice Heard”
This gives a top-level view of NEPA to people that are outside of the Federal government so that they may be more able to understand and participate in the process. When you look at this document:

  1. “You” in this document means the public.
  2. The content should not be viewed as “legally binding”.
  3. It is a “general” document aimed at public education.

The NEPA Process Flowchart

The NEPA Process Flowchart

Additional Resources

If you wish to dig into additional details, the following references are for you:

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