If you’ve been watching news about Isle Royale, you’ve seen conflicting streams of reason related to her wolves. The island wolves are in poor health, the wolf count is lower than it has been since the predator/prey study began in 1958, and recruitment has only added 5 or 6 pups in the last four years. What is the future for the wolves, the moose, and the ecosystem?

Should something be done to improve the health of the wolves? There are many people pushing NPS to bring in new wolves to revive the existing packs, but there are also many people urging a ‘hands off” posture.

The first six links below cover the issues without taking a stand. They are all short, and each offers something unique. The last two are specifically for or against intervention.

An understanding of “wilderness” and the “purpose for the park” are also very important to this discussion, but are covered in separate sections.

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